Style 714 Valve Packing static This packing is made of pure PTFE silk yarns, additionally impregnated with a pure PTFE

       Style 743 Universal High-Temperature Packing - Static Particularly in power station applications with valves and fittings subject to high temperature

Style 810 PTFE Flange and  Cover Gasket Material This is a universal PTFE gasket material with a self-adhesive surface which minimizes the work required to produce and install ga


     Style 700      Graphite Tape or      Prepressed Rings DEPAC offers this style made of 99.9 % pure graphite. The handy tape material can be

   Style 720  MultiService Packing This packing is a first-class alternative to asbestos packings. The fiber, which comprises high-quality aramid, is impregnated in addition with a break-

   Style 723  Combination Packing This style comprises aramid fibers in combination with special Graphite-PTFE fibers. It is a less costly alternative for replacing asbestos packings

   Style 724  ARAMID PTFE Packing This packing is a further development of style 720, which is made of extremely long aramid fibers and impregnated with a large amount of PTFE su

  Style 730 PTFE Packing This packing is made of pure graphite-PTFE yarn, which has enjoyed world-wide success. The combination of very good sliding properties, chemical resistance, streng

Style 742 Universal High-Temperature Packing - Dynamic   Style 742 is made of expanded pure graphite. A special manufacturing process produces a packing which is fully resistant to
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