DEPAC Stationary Parts - Extremely Versatile! A mechanical seal consists of several components: the rotating part, the stationary part and the gland. On the spare parts market the user will find diverse glands of different designs and dimensions f

DEPAC Glands - One Range For All Eventualities! Glands must be selected to match the stationary parts of the mechanical seals. DEPAC offers a whole series of glands and adapters for the various stationary parts in its current portfolio as well as

Notes For the various stationary gland types and sizes on the market, DEPAC offers a series of single seals - like this one - without stationaries.   Type 159 PTFE (graphite) wedge

      Notes Some particularly small pumps come with very small stuffing  box (SB) cross-sections. The D1 dimension requires special attention therefore. The distance D1 to th
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