Style 742

Universal High-Temperature Packing - Dynamic


Style 742 is made of expanded pure graphite. A special manufacturing process produces a packing which is fully resistant to
chemicals and can be used over the complete pH range (exceptions: oleum, fuming nitric acid). Resistance to an extremely wide temperature
range from −200 °C to +500 °C (+1000 °C inert gas, +650 °C steam) and pressures of up to 200 bar contributes to the packing‘s great reliability.

  • –200 °C bis +500 °C
  • 0 – 14 pH
  • 30 bar dyn. | 200 bar stat.
  • 12 m/sec

Other dimensions and pack units available on request.

Inevitable raw material tolerances and production tolerances can give rise to dimensional tolerances in the finished product.

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