Style 724


This packing is a further development of style 720, which is made of
extremely long aramid fibers and impregnated with a large amount of PTFE suspension. This excellent lubricant is worked into the packing
from the inside during the braiding operation and then applied from the outside as a break-in lubricant. The result is an outstanding but
attractively priced packing which offers an alternative not only to asbestos products but also to non-lubricated aramid packings.

  • –100 °C bis +280 °C
  • 1 – 13 pH
  • 20 bar dyn. | 180 bar stat.
  • 25 m/sec

Other dimensions and pack units available on request.

Inevitable raw material tolerances and production tolerances can give rise to dimensional tolerances in the finished product.


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