Type 620
              RAMIE PTFE

This packing is made from the extremely strong and exceptionally long natural fibers of the Asian plant Ramie (Boehmeria nivea). The strong and firm fibers are lubricated with an unusually large quantity of PTFE to create a packing with very good sliding properties.
Scoring of the shaft or sleeve is reduced to a minimum.
This high-quality but economically priced packing can be used in virtually
all applications, particularly as an alternative to asbestos products.

  • –30 °C bis +140 °C
  • 5 – 11 pH
  • 30 bar dyn. | 100 bar stat.
  • 12 m/sec

Other dimensions and pack units available on request.

Inevitable raw material tolerances and production tolerances can give rise to dimensional tolerances in the finished product.


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