In the chemical industry in particular there are numerous problems and tasks requiring special mechanical seal designs.

For practically every installation scenario, DEPAC offers the product to match or will create a customized solution which provides you with a high level of operational reliability and process safety.
The following is just one example:

The Application 
A mechanical seal arrangement with 3 pairs of seals was required in order to obtain a maximum of safety.

The Problem
For this special application a triple seal had to be designed.

The DEPAC Solution 
Mechanical seal 320-S-50 
The first pair of seals (1) seals off the barrier fluid from the atmosphere, the second (2) seals off the barrier fluid from the gas, and the third (3) seals off the gas from the medium. The atomizing effect, which requires a high pressure, is achieved by means of a borehole in the sleeve and a clearance in the shaft (hollow shaft) through which the gas is injected between seal pair 2 and seal pair 3.

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