Special seals of many different designs are required in power stations the same as in all sectors of industry. Here, too, DEPAC is at the forefront in developing solutions to meet these requirements. The following is just one example:

The Application
The lime slurries needed for cleaning exhaust gases in the flue gas desulfurization systems of coal power stations require rugged pumps with special sealing arrangements.

The Problem
Mechanical seals used in pumps connected to large boilers in the lime processing plant face particular difficulties.
These mechanical seals have to include a so-called shut-down seal in order to prevent pump failure and plant downtimes.

The DEPAC Solution
Mechanical seal 370-S-60
This double mechanical design comes with incorporated bearings in accordance with the DEPAC TYPE 370 standard seal. However it also equipped upstream with a so-called shut-down seal on which three O-rings seal off the arrangement to the sleeve through pressurization with air.
Should the mechanical seal fail, it can be replaced without any slurry escaping and without even having to empty the tank.
In addition to the shut-down seal there is a product-side seal which is mounted radially as an O-ring.
It performs a rough sealing function independently of any abnormal, radial movements.

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